Holistic Healing


Healing Body Touch

The Key to selfhealing and Rejuvinating life

This extraordinarily healing sessions are based on different methods combined with wisdom. It is a non-invasive approuch to support your body's possibility to heal itself. In the sessions I often use body contact to connect with your origin to support where it is needed.

Depending on what your symptoms are, I can treat more on the energetic level. Always aiming at getting to the cause of your health situation. The treatments can disolve deep layers of stress and trauma and will effect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healthiness in a possitive way.


If you feel stuck or nothing has helped you so far, let's find out what I can do for you!

My sessions work for mild symtoms up to the heavier and more complex health problems. Sometimes I also use the wisdom of herbs, flower essence or other modalities to support the proces of selfhealing.


At first you will understand nothing, afterwards you will understand everything